Ayn Rand

Trecho de Goddess of the Market que justifica a inlusão de Ayn Rand no curso. Grifos meus, a conexão importante é entre a idéia do livre empreendedor, os novos capitalistas da economia tecnológica. O livro completo aqui https://tuttlebuttle.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/goddess-of-the-market.pdf

She was also one of the first American writers to celebrate the creative
possibilities of modern capitalism and to emphasize the economic value
of independent thought. In a time when leading intellectuals assumed
that large corporations would continue to dominate economic life, shap-
ing their employees into soulless organization men, Rand clung to the
vision of the independent entrepreneur. Though it seemed anachronis-
tic at first, her vision has resonated with the knowledge workers of the
new economy, who see themselves as strategic operators in a constantly
changing economic landscape. Rand has earned the unending devotion
of capitalists large and small by treating business as an honorable calling
that can engage the deepest capacities of the human spirit.
At the same time, Rand advanced a deeply negative portrait of gov-
ernment action. In her work, the state is always a destroyer, acting to
frustrate and inhibit the natural ingenuity and drive of individuals. It is
this chiaroscuro of light and dark—virtuous individuals battling a vil-
lainous state—that makes her compelling to some readers and odious
to others. Though Americans turned to their government for aid, suc-
cor, and redress of grievances ever more frequently during the twentieth
century, they did so with doubts, fears, and misgivings, all of which Rand
cast into stark relief in her fiction. Her work sounded anew the tradi-
tional American suspicion of centralized authority, and helped inspire
a broad intellectual movement that challenged the liberal welfare state
and proclaimed the desirability of free markets.

Ver também Anthem, um romance curto de Rand, um de seus primeiros livros, que conta a história de um indivíduo com inclinações à pesquisa científica oprimido por um Estado que determina as profissões e controla a sociedade. Anthem está no projeto Gutemberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/1/2/5/1250/1250-h/1250-h.htm


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