Nick Bostrom

Citado como tendo tese sobre assunto (análise do transhumanismo)



I became a founder of the World Transhumanist Association (later renamed “Humanity Plus”) in 1998 in a bid to encourage public engagement with the prospect of future technologies being used to enhance human capacities—healthspan, cognition, emotional well-being, and so forth. In 2004, I co-founded the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, a virtual think tank active in the same area. I also published a number of papers on these topics. (I have since retired from active duty in both organizations, and I don’t necessarily agree with everything said by people calling themselves transhumanists.)

At the time, the idea of human enhancement was quite neglected. A common reaction was “this is just science fiction; furthermore, it’s unnatural and morally wrong”. But in the last half decade, academia has begun taking more heed of the possibility developing effective biomedical enhancers, and the ethical issues involved have started to receive a slightly more nuanced analysis. So this is a bit of progress.


My real focus, however, has all along been research. Since 2006, I’ve been running a unique multidisciplinary research institute at Oxford University, the preposterously but quite descriptively named Future of Humanity Institute. Its mission is to bring careful thinking to bear on big-picture questions about humanity and its prospects. The Institute’s work focuses on how future technology might affect the human condition, and on the risks and opportunities involved. It also focuses on the epistemic, moral, and prioritization issues that confront actors who pursue long-range or global objectives.

I was made full professor in the Faculty of Philosophy in 2008. The Future of Humanity Institute is part of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Oxford Martin School.


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