Da Tiziana Terranova, no network culture, para usar em algum momento para se falar em jornalismo científico ou pós-jornalismo

This technical (rather than simply technological) conception of
communication is what for us opposes, for example, the ethics of modern professionals of communication (such as journalists) to today’s communication managers (PR agents, advertisers, perception managers, information strategists, directors of communication). While journalists who subscribe to a professional ethics rooted in a liberal modernity, for example, would argue that information must be assessed in terms of its accuracy (or truth value) and relevance (meaningfulness), communication managers seem to have another type of grasp of the informational dimension of contemporary culture – which they reduce to a Manichean battle between signal and noise. The latter, in fact, understand the power of a communication act as determined by the overall dynamics of the informational milieu, where what counts is the preservation of the message/signal through all the different permutations and possible corruptions which such a message/signal is liable to undergo. This is why, for example, this social management of communication favours the short slogan or even the iconic power of the logo. The first condition of a successful communication becomes that of reducing all meaning to information – that is to a signal that can be successfully replicated across a varied communication milieu with minimum alterations. Whether it is about the Nike swoosh or war propaganda, what matters is the endurance of the information to be communicated, its power to survive as information all possible corruption by noise.


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